Where do grain markets go from here?

Where do grain markets go from here?

Where do grain markets go from here?

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Where Do Grain Markets Go From Here?

Grain prices traded range bound for the latter half of 2022 and began to soften into 2023. The USDA will release its quarterly Stocks and Prospective Plantings (acreage) reports on March 31st, which are sure to be a market mover.
Early conversations suggest an increase year over year in corn acres. Last year, inflation and logistical issues caused fertilizer prices to skyrocket, pushing some farmers away from the hig

her cost-producing commodities. It’s time to return to a more regular acreage rotation. Producers like to break up their crop rotation to thwart off pests and support biodiversity for soil health.

Beans still bode to be competitive, given a surge of announcements to expand or build new soybean crush plants domestically. China, the top importer of US soybeans, has recently eased up on covid restrictions spurring economic activity. Ultimately, US weather during the month of April will determine the acreage planted and set the course for the growing season.

The Rooster Ag’ Farm Management team is proficient in grain markets, crop insurance and risk management. Working closely with farm operators to address drainage issues that arise and nutrient management planning, we ensure your farmland investment is professionally cared for to give you peace of mind.

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