Farmland Appraisals

Farmland Appraisals & Estate Evaluations

The Gold Standard Farmland Appraisals System was formed to further service our clients in the valuation of their farmland, grain facilities, farmhouses, farm assets, and family estate evaluations. With our experienced farm-certified appraiser, along with Rooster Ag’s 200+ years of agribusiness insight, Rooster Ag’s team designed the Gold Standard Farmland Appraisal system that is performed in a timely manner and in an easily read format. Our final hard copy assembly is prepared with the highest quality of materials and feel to match the importance of the value of your farm assets.

  • Farmland
  • Wind Turbines
  • Solar
  • Livestock
  • Grain Facilities
  • Farm Houses
  • Farm Assets
  • Cell Towers
  • Estate Planning
  • Gifting

The Gold Standard: A New & Improved Farmland Appraisals


A quick overview of where we’re headed:


  • Confidentiality
  • Systematic valuation
  • Streamlined process
  • 2-30 day turnaround
  • Fact-based data
  • Bound hard copy
  • Digital files


  • Wind turbines
  • Solar arrays
  • Farm houses
  • Grain facilities
  • Machine sheds
  • Livestock facilities
  • Certified organic farmland
  • Ownership interest discount
  • Lack of marketability discount
  • Conservation Easement
Farmland Appraisals
Farmland Appraisals
Farmland Appraisals

The Gold Standard: Appraisal Distinctions

Rooster Ag’s certified farmland appraisals feature a selection of comparable sales that ensure fair, accurate, and unbiased values. Each appraisal uses an in-depth systematic approach to calculate multiple factors that align an accurate valuation of all factors related to the subject farm. Below outlines the 4 approaches considered:

Below outlines the 4 approaches considered:

  • Non-Adjusted Comparable Sales Analysis: An analysis of the selected comparable sales with no adjustments made.
  • Soil PI Analysis: A formula that creates an adjusted value based on the comparable farm’s sale price and its PI, in comparison to the subject farm’s PI.
  • Tillable Analysis: A formula that creates an adjusted value based on the comparable farm’s sale price and its percent tillable, in comparison to the subject farm’s percent tillable.
  • Income Approach: A return on investment calculation that formulates the price per acre based on the subject farm’s actual or formulated rental income potential. This varies as a result of the farm’s quality, crop yield potential and real estate taxes.

The above criteria is then cross referenced within the appraisal system to formulate an accurate representation of a specific farm’s value. This system is based on a multitude of factual data because the value of your land should never be guesswork.

Why is the Gold Standard Farmland Appraisals the Best Value?

When choosing a certified farmland appraiser, it is important to consider price and value. Price is what you pay, and value is what you get. Due to the multitude of factors that your farmland appraisal depicts, it is crucial to choose an appraisal that has an exact reflective value of your farm on the valuation date to limit your potential liabilities or improve your potential opportunities.

  • Audit protection
  • Property’s true value
  • Estate resolution
  • Family disbursement
  • Bank collateral coverage
  • Time value of a sale
  • Step-up basis
  • Capital gains tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Operating loans
  • Fractional ownership interest valuation
  • Lack of marketability valuation
  • Conservation easement valuation


For an estate in Illinois, every $1,000,000 over $4,000,000 that your estate is appraised at, you will owe a minimum of $160,000 in Illinois estate taxes upon inheritance.


Rooster Ag’s Gold Standard appraisal offers the most defined approach to certified farmland appraisals due to our in-depth understanding of influencing factors on the value of farmland, and our ability to apply those factors in a formula-based approach. Our system calculates the exact retrospective value of a farm-based on a multitude of factual data because the value of your land should never be guesswork.

Farmland Appraisals

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