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Farmland Real Estate

Your Farmland Real Estate Experts!

The Rooster Ag’ Real Estate brokerage team specializes in land sales, farmland auctions/bid basis, grain facilities and 1031 trade sales & acquisitions of farmland properties. With a thorough understanding of transitional land, from farmland to development properties, our diverse team of agricultural experts is at your service.


We proudly service Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and Southwest Florida. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Rooster Ag’ offers unique insights through our consultation process. From the initial conversation, we discuss your options and help you choose the best approach to bring your property to market or identify your next farm asset.

Browse our listings and auctions below. Contact us with any questions!

Rooster Ag’s Specialized Programs…


Buyer’s Broker Program

Given the untraditional market we are currently in, with higher land prices and limited availability, Rooster Ag’ has seen the need to assume the role of the Buyer’s Broker to help significantly increase the Buyer’s chances of successfully purchasing a qualified farmland or investment property. Once a Buyer engages Rooster Ag” through a Buyer’s Broker Agreement, Rooster Ag’ will provide the following services which go above and beyond a standard Buyer’s Broker.

  • Rooster Ag’ will take time together upfront to fully discuss and understand the Buyer’s goals.
  • Rooster Ag’ will identify farms utilizing their vast network.
  • Rooster Ag’ will analyze any identified farms by running an accurate, fact-based market analysis on the farms cross referenced with the Buyer’s goals in mind.
  • Rooster Ag’ will provide various methods for a Buyer to view prospective farms, including drone video.
  • Upon Buyer’s consent, Rooster Ag’ will negotiate the best deal possible on any desired farmland/investment property and any other identified opportunities.
  • Once purchased, the Rooster Ag’ Farm Management team will manage the new investment for the initial term of the lease for no charge.
  • Rooster Ag’ will keep in continuous contact throughout the process… providing updates at a minimum, weekly, with our progress.

Contact us today to see how we can help you navigate through this unique market.


Carbon Program

We at Rooster Ag’ have an initiative with farmland owners and farmers to facilitate a Carbon Program via- regenerative agriculture practices throughout the Grain Belt. Our goal is to implement the necessary compliance, education on required practices, and provide guidance and information as to what programs are available for our farmers to include Carbon sequestering practices into their existing operations utilizing our Carbon Program. Ultimately, we will facilitate the certification of these Carbon Program practices to calculate Carbon credits and their associated values based on each farm’s specific traits and implemented practices. Our program will also track the bushels of grain produced per farm under these practices to gain premiums on grain sold, further rewarding the grower for his commitment in implementing these practices that will sequester Carbon. The goal here is to monetize these programs to benefit the farmer, the landowner and improve the quality of the air we breathe as well as preserve our soils and improve our water cycle for generations to come. Remember, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is today!”-Chinese Proverb. Therefore, the best time to start sequestering Carbon may have been 20 years ago. The second-best time is today! Have questions, give us a call, we will be excited to meet you at your office, conference room, shop, or kitchen table to discuss and explore the current and future benefits of our Carbon Program.


The Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative farming is an approach to incorporate practices for rebuilding farm soil “health and vitality” which can result in sequestering more carbon. Some of the practices include no-till farming, cover cropping, mixed crop rotation, windbreaks, nutrient management planning / reducing fertilizer use, livestock grazing, etc. Contact us to explore the possible current and future benefits of regenerative farming which can include (but not limited to):

  • Improved land (soil) value.
  • Improved water cycle.
  • Increased marketability and incentives for row crops grown.
  • The capturing of carbon and carbon credits.
  • Potential financial assistance from NRCS for selected conservation practices (per state), and other local and federal programs.
  • And ultimately helping the environment for future generations.
Working with Rooster Ag’ to sell our grain facilities was an easy process. Joe and his team created a comprehensive market analysis of the assets and recommended price levels fair for both the buyer and seller. Rooster Ag’ then helped push scheduling and sale execution so all parties could move forward with future opportunities in a timely manner. Joe Ludwig and his team at Rooster Ag’ should continue to be successful based on their resources, market knowledge, and positive attitude.-Kyle Cresswell, Rooster Ag’ Client

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