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Tyler Creath, Farmland Real Estate Broker
Tyler Creath
(815) 451-1152

Tyler Creath

Rooster Ag’ Realty

Tyler started farming when he was 16 years old with his friend from 1st grade on a dairy farm in Huntley, IL that was operated by his friend’s family. He would go there from time to time to help with hay and straw & pitching and spreading of manure. Tyler grew up in Woodstock and enjoyed the hard work associated with Dairy Farming, so he attended the University of Wisconsin’s Farm and Industry Short Course to learn more about the Dairy and Grain Farming Industries.


He joined the Rooster Ag’ team in January of 2015 and soon learned how his previous Ag’ experience could provide first-hand knowledge and opportunities for himself within the company as well as made him an important factor with clients. Tyler earned his Real Estate license in September of 2017 and was added to the Brokerage Team there-after. Along with selling properties he also likes helping our clients with their mapping, farmland market analysis’, analyzing and producing valuations on grain facilities, and hunting down properties sought by our clients and others who are searching for a property they can call their own.


When Tyler is not in the office you can find him planting corn, running a combine, working in the shop at the farm in Huntley, or out scouring the fields and woods of Northern Illinois for deer and turkey. Give Tyler a call today to let him know how his first hand experience can be of assistance to you.