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Our unique farm management services take the emotion out of farm leasing by using a unique fact-based formula, designed to protect the integrity of the land, the landowner, and the tenant for generations to come.  We proudly offer a wide variety of management options,  designed to fit the specific needs of each and every landowner while allowing new and existing tenants to easily adapt to these leases.


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Farm Management Wip
Farm Management Wip
Farm Management Wip

Farm Management Services

Rooster Ag’ Farm Management is dedicated to making the entire farm leasing process hassle-free.  Our experienced team will make sure that every need and task is handled for you while keeping the integrity of your farm and your bottom line in mind.  Our services include:

Lease Negotiation

Using our specific farm formula, we work with tenants to ensure fair fact-based leases that protect the integrity of the land, the landowner, and the tenant for generations to come.

Manage Fertilizer Application Requirements

Part of protecting the land for generations to come is to ensure that the tenants are using the correct fertilizer and the right amounts. We work with both the landowner and tenants to make sure that all agreed-upon terms are being upheld.

Manage Insurance Requirements

We understand that life can sometimes throw unexpected curveballs. That’s why we ensure all tenants have proper liability coverage in place to allow their operations to thrive.

Collect & Distribute Rents

We coordinate payments from the tenant and distribute them to the landowner providing a hassle-free experience for both landowner and tenants alike.

Collect Yield Data

Yield data effects cash leases, crop insurance, fertilizer application, and more. We collect each field’s yield data and apply it to the farm’s 10-year running average ensuring your field’s progress is being tracked appropriately.

Farm Scouting Report

We visit each farm several times annually to inspect general farming practices, waterways, and tile conditions. Additionally, we make recommendations for value-added improvements.

Landowners and Tenants Working in Sync

farm management areas

The image to the left depicts a map of the base of operations for our current tenants. As part of our Farm Management service, we pre-qualify all interested tenants to ensure the partnership between landowner and tenant is viable.

When qualifying tenants, we consider the following criteria:

  • Bio of operations
  • Base of Farmers’ operation within 10 miles of available farms
  • Organized and evolving operation
  • Bank letter showing financial stability
  • Succession plan in place with young farmers
  • Organic/Conventional/No-till/Hemp/Non-GMO
  • General outline of current acres farmed
  • Outline of line of equipment
  • Outline of fertility program
  • Operation and acreage goals

Learn what Rooster Ag’ Can do For You!

We are proud to offer a free, no strings attached consultation with our farm manager so you can learn what Rooster Ag’ Farm Management can do for you. Please fill out the form below or give our farm manager a call to get started!

Farm Management Team

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Joe Ludwig

Farm Manager
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