Grain Facility Real Estate - Rooster Ag’ Inc.
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Grain Facility Sales & Leases

Rooster Ag’s Real Estate and Farm Management teams have successfully navigated multiple grain facility sales and leases, totaling millions of bushels of storage capacity. We would be more than happy to discuss opportunities for those interested in selling, investors looking to purchase, and farmers looking to lease. To learn more or to set up a consultation, please contact us here!


Interested in grain bins but don’t know where to start? Investing in a grain facility with the intent to lease is a great option. This mutually beneficial option is great for both owner and farmer, as it allows for the investor to gain depreciative assets and ROI from a lessee who, in turn, gains capital investment. By partnering with the right farmer, an investor can easily recapture their initial investment and allow for both parties to maintain a sustainable income. To further discuss, please contact us here!

Grain Facility Real Estate
Grain Facility - Bushels Sold
Grain Facility Real Estate - 2
Working with Rooster Ag for the sale of grain facilities was an easy process. Joe and his team created a comprehensive market analysis of the assets and recommended price levels fair for both the buyer and seller. Rooster Ag then helped push scheduling and sale execution so all parties could move forward with future opportunities in a timely manner. Joe Ludwig and his team at Rooster Ag should continue to be successful based on their resources, market knowledge, and positive attitude.-Kyle Cresswell, Rooster Ag Client


Joe Ludwig

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Kelly Ludwig

Managing Broker/Owner, COO
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Tyler Creath

Real Estate Broker
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