Rooster Ag’ Inc.
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Rooster Ag’

Rooster Ag’ is a multi-faceted agricultural-based services company, specializing in Farmland Real Estate, Auctions, Land Acquisitions, 1031 trades, Modern Farm Management (View Cash Rent Calculator), Farm Depreciable Asset Valuation, and Land Appraisals. Our extensive background and inclusive network of specialists make Rooster Ag’ your go-to for all things agriculture in the Midwest. We would love to meet you at your kitchen table, shop, or office to see how we can take your farm assets to the next level.

“Rooster Ag’s customer service has been great. They answer emails and respond to our messages in a timely manner.  They provide excellent versions of financial scenarios for long and short term goals on property.  We have been very happy with dealing with Rooster Ag. Their experience, knowledge of people, and network of properties benefiting our partnership is unmatched. Thank you for years of good service.” – Stathis Family Partnerships, Rooster Ag’ Client
Farmland Real Estate

Real Estate

From farm and land sales to 1031 trade acquisitions, Rooster Ag’ is your go-to for all agricultural real estate and land auctions in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Iowa. Our experienced team and extensive network of specialists take the stress out of buying and selling farmland while ensuring professionalism and results.



Farm Depreciable Asset Valuation (FDAV)… Interested in depreciating residual soil fertility & drainage tile on newly acquired farms? Rooster Ag’ follows I.R.C. Sections 180 & 179 to ensure you are taking advantage of the tax benefits that are looming on your field. Our team of agriculture professionals conducts Depreciable Asset Valuations and creates a 3rd party comprehensive report for you and your tax professional.

Farm Depreciable Asset Valuation
Farm Management

Farm Management

Our Farm Management Services in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa take the emotion out of farm leasing by using a unique fact-based formula designed to protect the integrity of the land, the landowner, and the tenant for generations to come. Check out our Cash Rent Calculator… Click here.


Specifically designed with our customers in mind, our Gold Standard Farmland Appraisals Service delivers accurate, fact-based appraisals, all within a timely manner. Our assessments are available throughout the Midwest and provide the highest quality and feel to match the true value of your assets.


Northern Illinois Ag’ Center

The Northern Illinois Ag’ Center is in the forefront of agriculture by offering an “across the board” range of agricultural business services needed for any successful Ag’ producer/investor. These services are conveniently located in one central location directly in the heart of America’s farmland.


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