Why You Should Work With Us

Over the years, Rooster Ag’ has developed various Cash Lease formats that were created to simplify the leasing process. Our lease formats take the emotion out of leasing by using a fact-based process we created that protects the integrity of the land, the landowner and the tenant for generations to come.


As a result of our combined 200+ years of extensive involvement in the farming industry and unique problem-solving abilities, Rooster Ag’ is able to see the needs of each individual situation and implement a lease that will be the best fit for any specific farm. Our in-depth professional experience enables us to offer a variety of management options to fit our clients’ specific needs with complete flexibility, providing superior results with rates unachievable by our competitors.


Existing tenants easily adapt to these comprehensive leases, wherein some cases tenants have us represent them to work with their other landowners. While other prospective tenants are calling our office weekly looking to work with Rooster Ag’ Farm Management.


We manage farm assets for a substantial list of investors, banks and large family estates throughout Illinois. A list of references is available upon request.


We are sure you will find our process is a refreshing approach to farm leasing, based on facts not emotions.


To discuss how Rooster Ag’ can benefit your farm assets and to see how we are changing leasing for the better, please give us a call.

Our Current Tenants’ Base of Operations

farm management areas

The above map highlights our current tenants base of operations and a 10 mile radius around them. As part of our Farm Management Program, there are often times we are in search of qualified tenants.


Rooster Ag’s farm managers have worked diligently to become the experts that landowners consult when looking for pre-qualified tenants, as well as who farmers call when looking to add more land to their leasing portfolio.


Due to the farmers’ desire to acquire more land and the demand of landowner’s tenancy needs, we are thrilled to provide a customized matchmaking service that meets the needs of farmers and landowners in northern and central Illinois.


We are looking for tenants based on the following basic criteria:

  • Bio of operations
  • Base of Farmers’ operation within 10 miles of available farms
  • Organized and evolving operation
  • Bank letter showing financial stability
  • Succession plan in place with young farmers
  • Organic/Conventional/No-till/Hemp/Non-GMO
  • General outline of current acres farmed
  • Outline of line of equipment
  • Outline of fertility program
  • Operation and acreage goals


We look forward to matching you with the perfect land & Landowner. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

steve edwards cash leasing

Steve Edwards

Property Manager, Farm Manager, Independent Real Estate Broker
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