Farm Management Services

Farm Management Services

Rooster Ag’ Farm Management division dedicated to making your farm leasing experiences a hassle-free event. Our experienced team provides many services to make sure that every need and task is handled for you by someone who cares about the integrity of your farm as well as your bottom line. Here is a list of services we provide our Farm Management customers:

Negotiate leases

Rooster Ag’ will negotiate an unemotional, fact-based lifetime lease that protects the integrity of the land, the landowner and the tenant for generations to come. Our various Cash Lease formats allow us the ability to satisfy every need for each unique situation.

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Collect and distribute rents

When it comes time to collect rent from the tenant Rooster Ag’ has it covered. We will coordinate payments from the tenant and distribute them to the landowner providing a hassle-free experience for both landowner and tenants alike.

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Manage fertilizer application requirements

Part of protecting the land for generations to come is to ensure that the tenants are using the correct fertilizer and the right amounts. Rooster Ag’ will work with the landowner and tenants to make sure that the lands best interest is in mind and that the agreed-upon terms are being upheld. Rooster Ag’ will follow through with reporting letting you know the integrity of your farm has been upheld.

Aerial shot of a tractor spraying fertilizer on an agricultural field.
Aerial shot of a tractor spraying fertilizer on an agricultural field.

Collect yield data

Yield data has become a very important factor in today’s farming. It plays a part in many aspects including cash leases, crop insurance, fertilizer applications, and more. Rooster Ag’ will collect each field’s yield data and apply it to your 10-year running average ensuring your field’s progress is being tracked appropriately.


Manage insurance requirements

Rooster Ag’ will be by your side through thick and thin. We understand that life throws curveballs and we are here to assist both landowners and tenants with their insurance needs and requirements. Rooster Ag’ will ensure your tenants have the correct liability insurance in place and also offer crop insurance to fit your tenants every need.


Field maintenance evaluations

Every farm has maintenance and we understand that you want your field looking and operating as smoothly as possible. Rooster Ag’ is proud to offer field maintenance evaluations for no additional charge. We will make sure that each of your farms has the pristine look that you expect your property to have. We will physically evaluate the waterways and ditches to make sure that they are mowed timely, free of debris and aesthetically maintained by your tenant. We will ensure that the tiles are working properly and that there are no glaring issues that need to be addressed.

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Maximize Qualified Business Income (QBI)

Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the IRS has implemented a Qualified Business Income (QBI) Deduction of up to 20% for qualified businesses. Rental Real Estate is considered a qualified business under IRS Notice 2019-7 which allows for landlords to take a deduction of up to 20%. Rooster Ag’ Farm Management division will work with the Landowner’s Accountant to provide the information needed to qualify for QBI where applicable to ensure you receive the best deduction.

Joe Ludwig, Farmland Real Estate Broker / Farm Manager
Joe Ludwig | Broker/Owner
Farm Manager
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