What is Federal Crop Insurance

Do you have crop insurance and just not understand what it’s really doing for you? Are you in the dark when it comes to your coverage?

We understand that not every insurer has the time or ability to go through every individual’s plans, so we are bringing the information straight to you from our crop insurance agents.

And, if you end up having more questions, our two in-house crop insurance agents are here to help.

What is crop insurance?

First off: you’ve been told you should buy crop insurance, but what exactly is crop insurance?

Crop insurance is a federal insurance program that will cover the loss to a specified crop throughout the year. Granted, there’s much more that goes into it, but the gist is that, if you have a loss on a crop that you insured, you get paid. 


How does it work?

A farmer picks a plan (70%, 75%, 85%, etc.) These percentages represent the trigger for when the insurance kicks in. The farmer will be paid when they hit this trigger during a loss.

What Is Federal Crop Insurance

What does a Crop Insurance Agent do?

Agents sell the insurance, private products (additional insurance), to the farmer.

What does a Rooster Ag’ Crop Insurance Agent do?

Karl, our in-house Crop Insurance Agent, ensures that every farmer’s needs are being met. They not only provide the best policy that meets individual farmers’ needs, but they are with them every step of the way. Brian and Karl do everything they can to ensure farmers’ livelihoods are protected. There’s a lot of late nights and early mornings, but making sure our farmers are taken care of is their top priority.

How much does crop insurance cost?

Cost is dependent on a farmer’s APH (yield history), the county they are in, and the plan they choose. Brian and Karl are both working in-house so that they can meet directly with customers to get the right coverage, and walk through pricing.

Why should you buy/invest (in) crop insurance?

Crop insurance provides a safety net for farmers. Weather and price changes can be unpredictable and may result in a revenue or yield loss to the farmer. Insurance helps to mitigate these risks, and ensures that the farmer can continue to successfully operate his/her business.


Private products are also a great investment for your farm(s). Private products are additional insurance plans that provide additional coverage to your already existing plan(s).


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