Talking Values… Asset Values That Is

Talking Values… Asset Values That Is

Talking Values… Asset Values That Is (Part 1)


Everything has been a bit of a world wind these last few years and talks of inflation, elections…etc. have been everywhere. But I am tired, are you tired? Great, let’s take a sigh of relief because I am not talking about that today. I do, however, want to talk with you about values… your values and morals. No, not those either! This is a much more easygoing conversation that I want to have a look at with you.

Let’s talk about values in the sense of assets!

Farm Land Appraisals - Asset Values

Homes, cars, farms, tractors both old and new, all have value either financial, emotional, or likely a bit of both. But do they have the same value to the buyer pool and financial institutions… would the average, well informed buyer pay the same price for your 100+ year old barn and family farmhouse that is full of your memories growing up and maybe even the memories of your kids growing up, that you would if you had to purchase it? Probably not. May seem harsh, but it often ends up this way. Some people might tell you otherwise upfront because unbiased values are hard to come by… but we at Rooster Ag’ take it very seriously. All our divisions take great pride in being fair and honest, we take unbiased approaches in everything that we do.

I will likely stare in awe at your 100+ year old barn and farmhouse or probably get teary eyed when you tell me about how your mama would hang the clothes lines out back and call you in from the porch with a cowbell, or take an extra minute or two during our appraisal site inspection to check out your father’s restored Farmall Super M that is sitting on the side of your house. But, even with the emotions that pop in when we look at the different things that have value in your lives, these emotions can’t be and won’t be reflected in the values on paper when it comes to the appraisal value- the data driven opinion of the value of your assets.

Our appraisal reports are detailed, fact-based, and always produced in a timely manner. We present you with the unbiased value of your assets, all while respecting how important they are to you, because as our client, if it’s important to you, then it’s important to us. However, our valuations will always reflect the true value of your assets, which will help you conclude fair estate planning, meet your tax purposes or educate you on potential purchases and sales.

We are eager to work with you and are honored to have the opportunity to value some of your most important assets.

To learn more about our appraisal process and the ways we can assist you, please be sure to check out our webpage or give us a call!

Until next time,

 Nicole Speizio-De Paz

When you need a farmland appraisal, we are here to help! For more information on our services or if you want to chat, please feel free to stop in the office or reach out to Nicole at (631) 905-2074 or nicole@roosterag.com

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