Recreation = Re-Creation

Recreation = Re-Creation

As I was preparing for my 40th annual trip to Canada to go fishing with family and friends, a new client said to me, “make sure you have fun on your trip, Re-Creation is never easy, but damn important.” I said “Tony, I am going to need an explanation on that one.” He explained,

“Recreation is the process of Re-Creating. If we’re not Re-Creating ourselves, then we are not growing. If we are not growing, we are falling behind. Falling behind is how we fail. Don’t bring a ‘Calvary’ to a ‘tank’ fight. Re-Creating ourselves is how we prepare for the next…”

Tony’s words stuck with me during the Recreation of downtime, with no appointments other than shore lunch. During the times I had no phone, email, or T.V. There was time to talk, laugh, play cards, build family bonds, strengthen friendships and catch a fish or two on this 10-day Re-Creation. That time to rest, refresh and prevent burnout began the apparent subliminal Re-Creation obtained from the Recreation. I returned home with a revived focus, energy and plan that is evolving daily. It lessens stress, creates more quality family, work and me time, all from the focus Tony provided from a single statement of “Recreation = Re-Creation.” Thanks, Tony!

Recreation and Re-Creation can be done from the comfort of  your own home. Visit our land for sale page to see if there’s a property you can build your own personal oasis on to get that much needed Re-Creation time in.


Joe Ludwig

Author: Joe Ludwig


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