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Stason Ludwig
(815) 762-2136

Stason Ludwig

Rooster Ag’ Chief Executive Officer

After spending most of his life following in Joe Ludwig’s footprints Stason decided to veer off after high school and attend Aurora University where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and Administration. Upon completing college he came to work full time for Rooster Ag’ putting his education to work by implementing systems and focusing on making a lasting future for the company which in turn lead to his position as CEO. Since starting at Rooster Ag’ we have moved out of the Scale House Office in Big Rock and into the Northern Illinois Ag’ Center in Maple Park where Stason continues to work day in and day out to ensure the longevity and growth of the family business. Stason grew up in the Ag’ community and intends to stay in it with Rooster Ag’ by providing the highest quality services in Real Estate, Farm Management, Crop Insurance, and Land Appraisals. Contact Stason to see how he can help GROW your business.