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Reed Carnahan

Reed Carnahan

Rooster Ag’ Appraisal Services

Reed’s family lived in Paw Paw when he was born, although they traveled to Mendota for the birth. Soon after, they moved to Sycamore where his father began his law practice. Reed says his best memories are those at his Grandmother’s house in Paw Paw and his Great Uncles farm on Bend Rd. where his brother and cousins would work.


In High School, Reed worked for a local farmer on his centennial farm along with his friend Mike, in Clare, IL where they hoed milkweed and picked rocks from the fields along with other various chores around the farm. After High School, Reed attended NIU and graduated with a degree in Special education. During his college days, Reed worked for DeKalb Ag’ detasseling corn as well as mowing ditches for the Highway Department. Later in life, Reed spent a decade managing high-end restaurants until he married and had the arrival of two sons which persuaded him to move on. Time passed and he met Karen Pletsch, who also grew up in a farming family and they are getting married in June. Reed entered the appraisal business in the mid-1990’s and met Joe Ludwig where a business relationship and friendship was formed. Several years ago, Reed and Joe decided to include Reed’s estate and asset appraisal services alongside Rooster Ag’s services and we are excited to continue to offer these services at the Northern Illinois Ag’ Center.