Various Cash Lease Options & Managing Farm Assets

Rooster Ag’ has designed Cash Lease formats that were created over the years as a result of our 256 years of extensive involvement in the farming industry as well as our unique problem-solving abilities. Existing tenants easily adapt to this comprehensive lease and prospective tenants are calling our office weekly looking to work with our company. The following are just a few highlights of the factors we use in our newly formatted lease options.

Land Values/ROI

Crop Production

Marketing/Commodity Price

Crop Input Costs

Soils and Productivity of each soil type


Crop Insurance Yield per specific field

Grain Facility Storage


Our in-depth professional experience enables us to offer a variety of management options to fit our clients specific needs with complete flexibility, providing superior results with rates unachievable by our competitors.

We currently manage farm assets for a substantial list of investors, banks and large family estates throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. A list of references is available upon request.

We are sure you will find our process is a refreshing approach to farm leasing based on facts associated with each unique farm. The process ensures the integrity of the land, the landowner and the tenant for generations to come.

Farmland crops being plowed