Tractor being used to mow grass in sunny weather
Gianina Ludwig
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Gianina Ludwig

Rooster Ag’ Administration

Gianina’s career in the Ag’ industry started as a young girl growing up riding with her father on various farming excursions, from scouting fields for bugs to clambering into giant combines with the farmers and her father. She remembers being bounced around the cab of multiple combines as she sat on the floor while they made a couple of rounds and discussed the progress of that year’s crop and the plans for the year to come. Gianina knew then and there that Ag’ Life was the life for her and she says she is blessed to have had the privilege of being raised in the soils and corn fields of Kane and DeKalb Counties.


After high school and a bit of college education, Gianina made her own way over the next eight years in the farming community as a horsewoman and even ventured into some cattle dealings. Gianina has spent countless hours picking stalls, cleaning troughs, fixing broken waters, and tending to the daily needs of a farm full of animals. After a life-changing event, she is now pursuing a new place in agriculture in a different direction using the advertising skills that she acquired during her years of operating a 50 head horse boarding operation. No longer rooted in horse manure, Gianina is still deeply rooted in agriculture at the Northern Illinois Ag’ Center. She now oversees the daily operations at the Ag’ Center as well as manages Rooster Ag’ and NIAC’s advertising. Gianina works diligently to update our digital and tangible marketing techniques to provide our clients with the information they are seeking with ease and convenience. Stop in at the first-floor front desk and allow Gianina to introduce herself to you over a cup of coffee at the Northern Illinois Ag’ Center!