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Brian Bark
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Brian Bark

Rooster Ag’ Federal Crop Insurance

Brian Bark was born and raised on a livestock and grain farm south of Hinckley. One of his first off-farm jobs was in the feed department at Hintzsche’s Troxel location. It was there that he met and worked with Joe Ludwig.


Many years later when Rooster Ag’ started in the Crop Insurance business he came on board as an Insurance Broker to help with the intricacies of the Crop Insurance world. Today he is the head of our Crop Insurance division protecting the grain and milk produced by Illinois and Wisconsin farmers with revenue guarantees for most spring-planted crops and is one of the few agents who are well versed in Automated Crop Reporting (ACR). We offer policies that fit our client’s needs such as Wind and Hail coverage along with Price Shield, a stand-alone price only protection.


Brian’s number one goal is to ensure you and your family peace of mind and lower stress by knowing your livelihood and crops are thoroughly and professionally protected. Rest assured that Brian will always care about your families well being in addition to your bottom line.


Brian has been involved in agriculture his entire life and understands how to make crop insurance work for your specific needs. He looks forward to meeting with you at the Northern Illinois Ag’ Center or at your kitchen table to discuss what Rooster Ag’s Federal Crop Insurance division can do for you and your family.